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ARC Identifier: 3686
Title: GUSAP, 01/11/1944
Creator: War Department. Army Air Forces. (06/20/1941 - 09/26/1947) (Most Recent)
Type of Archival  Materials:
Moving Images
Level of  Description:
Item from Record Group 18: Records of the Army Air Forces, 1903 - 1964
Location: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Records LICON, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-M), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-837-3540, FAX: 301-837-3620, EMAIL: mopix@nara.gov
Production Date: 01/11/1944
Part of: Series: Motion Picture Films from the "Combat Subjects" Program Series, ca. 1939 - ca. 1945
Shot List Summary: Reel 1: 1) 56D5662-635 LS C-47 away L to R over valley. 2) 636-650 LS C-47 R to L against clouds. 3) 651-666 MLS C-47 R to L over mountain top against clouds. 4) 667-687 MCS 3/4 FV C-47 circling L to R low over field. 5) 688-706 MCSC-47 coming in L to R & taxiing down runway from camera. 6) 3EG61433- 476 LS Pans view of hospital area under construction for 9th Surgical & 102nd Sta. Hospital, some erected bldgs, to framework of 3 bldgs to raised tent. 7) 477-500 CU boxes of equipment man sitting by some equipment in bg. Pans equipment & supplies lying on ground. 8) 501-524 MS Pans 3 menpulling on canvas (erecting tent) on grassy field, mountains in bg to large group erecting tents. 9) 39DG60221-246 CU Various pan shots of equipment & supplies piled on ground. 10)39DG60247-255 LS of 9th Surgical Ward tents. 11) 256-268 MCU Piles of equipt. & supplies on ground. 12) 269-275 LS Men erecting tent at foot of mountain. 13) 276-284 MCU group erecting tent, 1 man pulling rope, another pounding stakes in ground. 14) 285-301 MS Pan of boy with tray- leaves dispensary tent & walks toward tent. 15) 302-313 MCU INT- -Boy entering ward tent with tray, walking down row of patients. 16) 3EG61333-342 MS INT. Ward tent showing patients lying on cots. 17) 343-351 CU INT. 2 patients on cots. 18) 352-365 MS. INT. (4) Surgical officers & assistants performing operation in tent. 19) 366-388 Chest CU INT. Men performing operation. 20) 389-401 MCU INT. Men performing operation, working with instruments. 21) 402-427 MS Red Cross flag on bamboo pole--CU same Sc. 22) 29DG22206-233 MCU Pans improvised hospital washing machine past naked man at edge of stream wringing out clothes. 23) 29DG22234-246 CS washing machine showing billowy white suds. 24) 247-261 CUs tire turning rod which runs machine. Motor visible in bg. 25) 262-277 CS tire turning washing machine & naked man sitting on bank of stream in bg. 26) 278-299 MS SV man on tractor & various types motor equipment working ground for strip--BV same equipment working on ridge. 27) 3EG6154l-545 MS Front of same equipment. 28) 546-568 CUs of ground as equipuent passes over it, shows tractor turning & coming toward camera plow shovel scraping up dirt, etc. 29) 569-579 MS BV man & equipment on ridge (standing still). 30) 580-590 LS revetment area--one foot roller on grassy field in immediate fg, others in bg. B-25 standing on field in distance (estab. shot). 31) 591-610 MS Pans tents & shacks, groups of men standing & in trucks in bg. equipment in fg. 32) 611-624 LS area, equipment scattered over it in fg. (jumpy). 33) 3EG61625-636 MS SV truck standing in tall grass with sign saying "Home Sweet Home" in fg. Pans view of field, B-24 in bg. Man walks thru camera range. 34) 44DG84303- 333 MS Various views of natives working on road. Grassy field in bg. 35) 334-348 MCU 1 native picking up rocks on road--cuts to group of natives at same work. 36) 349-363 LS Pan of assembly & repair area, showing group of bldgs & equipment of grassy field Mountains in bg. 37) 364-378 MS BV carry-all & Diesel powered D- 4 working on revetment. Backs of 2 men in immediate fg. (at least 1 an officer). 38) 379-386 Chest CU surveyor sighting instrument, steps back frowning. 39) 387-394 LS new taxi strip, equipment in bg, BV of surveyor in fg. 40) 32EG11025-031 MS Emergency foxhole markers in strip area, Sheafs of grass tied on sticks. 41) 32EG11032-046 CU 1 marker, pans from tuft to foxhole. 42) 047-064 MS Road scraper hauled by Caterpillar moving L to R into camera. 43) 065-077 CU wheels & scraper passing camera--longer shot same equipment. 44) 078-108 MCU Pan from top of tree to base showing Gi using machete to cut sections of tree tendrils--MS Logger axing tree (with cigarette in mouth). 45) 25EG25549-560 MS Group of men in bg. watching man using axe on tree, shows tree falling in jungle growth. 46) 561-564 MS Jeep backing into jungle growth--man's back in fg. 47) 565-574 Slightly longer shot of jeep, man steps up & puts axe in back of car. 48) 575-582 CU man tying rope on felled tree. 49) 583-591 MS Jeep pulling log out of bushy area. Two men standing in fg. 50) 592-607 MS to LS Four men in Jeep pulling log down road. 51) 25EG25608-616 MLS Man chopping log in fg, truck with men watching in bg. 52) 617-625 Extreme LS Formation of fighters overhead; planes L to R (merely specks in the sky). 53) 627-636 Extreme LS Fighters circling up R to L in closer group (7). 54) 25EG25637- 646 LS P-47 in revetment area, bldg. in fg. Foothills in bg. (pretty shot). Quality: Good. Reel 2: 1) 30EG16016-028 LS Pans C-47 R to L over mountain tops. 2) 029-034 MS BV P-47 on metal taxiway. 3) 035-043 MS P-47 taxiing L to R on metal strip, pans to second P-47 taxiing. 4) 044-048 MS 3/4 BV of P-47 taxiing L to R. 5) 049-055 MS P-47 taxiing fast R to L down runway. 6) 056-058 MS P-47 in fg. taxiing L to R, another P-47 flashes past going R to L in bg. 7) 059-063 LS Pans P-47 coming toward camera R to L from bank of clouds in mountains. 8) 30EG16064-073 MS Pans C-47 taxiing down dirt strip L to R from camera. 9) 174-084 LS Pans formation of B-25s R to L (10 come into camera range). 10) 085-089 MS C-47 taxiing R to L. 11) 090-099 MS Pans C-47 coming in for landing R to L & taxiing down runway. 12) 100-107 MS Pans C-47 coming in R to L toward camera, landing. 13) 29DG22004-026 LS Pans mountain range; bldgs in fg (jumpy). 14) 029-033 LS P-47 over dirt strip L to R. 15) 034-059 LS Pan shot of dirt fighter strip (jumpy NG). 16) 063-092 LS Pan of dirt transport strip, mts. in bg. (jumpy). 17) 4EG46252-255 MS C-47 taking off, flying R to L. 18) 256-263 MS 3 P-47s fly L to R past camera, pans then in formation and peeling off. 19) 264-276 LS C-47 coming from cloud in mts. R to L, followed by 4 P-47s flashing past camera one peeling off in distance. 20) 4EG46277- 284 MS P-47 coming in and taxiing L to R. 21) 285-289 MS Another P-47 lands & taxies L to R. 22) 290-293 MLS P-47 coming in, L to R past camera. 23) 294-301 MS P-47 taxiing L to R, pans to another taxiing fast R to L, several others flying low to land. 24) 302-319 MS Various angles, P-47s peeling off to land. 25) 320-323 MS C-47 coming in for landing. 26) 324-343 LS Low angle, pans group of trucks & Jeeps full of men to group around engine of one jeep, then to trailer full of bags, man lying on engine of one Jeep. 27) 3EG61229-248 CU FV blinker operator sending signals. 28) 249-255 Extreme LS of B-25 returning from mission. 29) 256-261 LS 3 B-25s flying down L to R against sky. 30) 262- 264 MCS C-47 flying circles R to L away from camera. 31) 265-274 MS to CU C-47 landing R to L past camera & taxiing down strip. 32) 275-282 LS high angle--2 men on control tower, weather sock at R, 1 man sending blinker signals. 33)3EG61283-302 MS Men carrying packs on runway, walking R to L (officers & EMs) pans to feet walking on muddy ground (5, then about 5 more). 34) 303-308 LS C-47 coming in from R, past tree trunks. (shot from hut framework). 35) 39EG62167-191 MLS pans mountain side to camp area, past large group of scattered small tents. 36) 192-198 CU sign of 7th Fighter Squadron on grassy field. 37) 199-207 CU sign of 9th Fighter Squadron at edge of road, Jeep passes in bg, camp area visible. 38) 208-219 MS Pan of tents in camp area, snow covered mountains in bg. 39) 220-229 MS Jeep coming toward camera on muddy road to close shot of tires going thru mud. 40) 230-234 MCU of Jeep on muddy road, going thru muddy rut. 41) 235-246 MCU Gun in gun emlacement, pans to man sitting on ground talking on phone & gunner sitting beside him eating chow. 42) 247-260 LS Camp area, mountain peaks in bg. Ramu River in fg. (pretty view). 43) 11EG99435-447 MS Chaplain Morris going into stream with men, back view. 44) 448-457 MS Chaplain & man in water, Chaplain reads from Book, FV. 45) 458-464 Chest CU SV same 2 men standing in water, chaplain reading. 46) 465-479 MS Chaplain baptises man. 47) 480-485 CU 2 men in water, just before baptism. 48) 486-495 LS across road to 2 tents, motor vehicles around them, pans R to L past metal strip, mountains in bg in sunlight. 49) 496-501 CU hand with 2 fingers extended-- same long pan shot. 50) MS Pans B-25 taking off on metal strip L to R. 51) 28DG43980-001 LS Men at work repairing signal tower, pans from bottom to top of tower, showing wind sock. 52) 010-014 Chest CU INT. outline of spotter with binoculars, mountains visible across strip bg. 53) 2DG40015-020 Chest CU INT. outline of radio phone operator, another man at R. 54) 021-208 CU radio antenna against sky. 55) 029-043 CU metal taxi-way from ground, pans to long view of strip. 56) 044-056 CU pile of metal strips in mud and water, pans to view of them being loaded on truck. 57) 057-061 MCU construction gang lifting strips from pile & putting them in truck from back. 58) 10EG26457-464 LS of metal strip. 59) 465-472 CU gun & 2 men in gun emplacement. 60) 473- 480 MCU Bulldozer & tractors working on revetment area. Pans R to L to other equipment working in bg. 61) 481-493 MCU tractor treads & tires on strip. 62) 494-499 CU 3/4 FV P-47 with belly tank. 63) 500-516 MCU Pans from R to L completed strip showing natives picking up stones in distance. 64 517-524 CU head of native looking at ground. 65) 10EG26525-536 CU native's feet at pile of stones, hands reach down & pick up 2 stones. 66) 537-540 MCU man sitting on ground talking on phone. 67) 541-550 MS Man at top of telephone pole working on wires. 68) 2DG99657-666 MS chapel. Cross on Roof, mountains in bg. 69) 668-674 CU cross against sky on roof of chapel. 70) 675-685 MS INT. Lt. Norris, Chaplain 58th Service Group, spreading altar cloth, on porch of chapel. 71) 686-695 MS 2 men at bank of stream washing clothes on table under tree. 72) 696-703 CU of hands of one man scrubbing clothes with brush. 73)704-719 MS 2 men swimming by rope stretched across stream. 74) 720-728 MS alert shack on fighter Strip. 75) 729-741 Chest CU pans group of 7 men drinking coffee in front of hut with thatched roofs. 76) 742-748 CU cake in pan. Pans R to L to coffee cup, man puts spoon in cup. 77) 10EG26152-164 LS of vetment area, clouds in mts. in bg. 78) 165- 171 MCU P-40 parked in Kunai, mountains in bg. 79)172-183 MS over wing of plane as pilot climbs into cockpit (dark). 80) 184- 189 MCU of pilot sitting in plane. 81) 190-197 CU gun & 2 men in gun emplacement. 82) 198-205 CU number "13" on plane. Pans to zero score at cockpit. 83) 206-215 CU zero score on plane with Lt. Rm. DeHaven printed above. 84) 216-222 LS P-40s standing on runway. 85) 223-229 P-40 standing in fg. P-40 taxiing for takeoff in bg. R to L. 86) 230-239 LS pans past BV of P-40 on strip to one taking off R to L (dark). 87) 240-244 MS P-40 standing on strip at foot of mountains, wing & tail of another plane visible. Quality: Good. Reel 3: 1) 56DG83156-760 MS Pans P-40 with belly tank taking off on dirt strip R to L, mountain in inmediate bg. 2) 761-763 LS P-40 taking off L to R. 3) 764-770 MS SV to BV of P-40 with belly tank, taking off down strip. 4) 771-776 MS FV P-40 with belly tank taking off past camera & down same strip. 5) 777-785 MS BV 3 men wading across river Lt. Frazier nearest to view with rifle slung on his back, 2 natives carrying equipment. 6) 786-806 MSs, BV of same men going thru head high Kunai. 7) 807-815 MS SV engineer at top of ridge. 8) 816-830 LS same 3 men barely visible thru tall kunai come to top of ridge & look around. 9) 831-841 Long view (from over shoulder of engineer) looking out over Ramu River Valley & GUSAP area. 10) 842-847 CU SV of native's head & shoulders against sky carrying pack. 11) 56DG83848-850 CU SV another native's head (police boy), against sky. 12) 56DG83957-967 CU SV Lt's head, turns head toward camera. 13) 968-011 LS Pans mountain side aross Ramu River & valley where strip is located on across strip to another view of river & valley from ne. to se. 14) 012-023 MS BV 3 men going from Kunai into jungle area. 15) 024-035 MS Glimpses of same 3 men as they go thru jungle growth, BV, then. 16) 036-053 M shots to CUs of three men coming past camera thru jungle. 17) 9EG82795-811 LS Pans 4 P-40s parked in kunai, showing dispersal areas. 18) 812-834 MS Pan of jeep approach camera on muddy road past bldgs & men working at side of storm drainage. 19) 835-843 MS View across mud puddle, bldgs on L thru trees to mountains in bg. 20) 9EG82844-852 MS Post Office bldg. showing sign on front, Jeep passes on road close to camera. 21) 853-860 CU sign on bldg "U.S Army Post Office AP0 713-Unit 2, Branch of San Francisco". 22) 861-870 LS High angle man in portable weather control tower, showing weather vane & wind velocity machine. 23) 871-885 CUs Weather vane & wind velocity machine showing formation of 3 P-40s passing L to R in far distance. 24) 22E56625-632 MCU Balloon observer & weather man on control tower. 25) 633-645 CU to LS weather balloon ascending. 26) 646-654 CU Weather vane & velocity machine on tower. 27) 655-660 MS 2 P-40s buzzing field, men around jeeps watching in fg. 28) 661-665 MS Pans 4 P-40s buzzing muddy field. 29) 666- 670 MS P-40 landing on muddy field L to R. 30) 671-682 MS P-40 taxiing to stop on muddy field R to L another taxies fast L to R in bg. 31) 22E56683-689 Front left side view P-40 taxiing toward camera. 32)690-694 CU Plane wheels taxiing R to L on muddy ground. 33) 695-699 MS P-40 taxiing down muddy strip L to R away from camera, goes thru puddle, splashes. 34) 700-706 MS FV P-40 taxiing past camera to BV down strip. 35) 707-710 MCS P-40 taxiing L to R down runway. 36) 711-713 MLS P-40 circling away against sky. 37) 11EG99647-673 MS Pan of tent area at foot of mts. past right side of close tent on left, shows grass being mowed by tractor driven mower. 38) 674-678 CU of "A-2" sign on door. 39) 679-686 MS INT. office--men at work at tables. 40) 687-699 CU INT. pan from map on wall past head silhouette of Col. Hutchinson & Lt. Col. Wilson. 41) 700-706 CU INT Col. Hutchinson, CO of Unit 2, 3rd Air Task Force. 42) 707-713 CU Names printed on boards outside office: "Lt. Col. Woodbury" "Major Oliver" "Major Thompson". 43) 11EG997l4-722 MS of barracks bldg. 44) 723-737 MS Pans barracks bldg. to tents (officer's area). 45) 56DG57020-024 CU painted mosquito on road sign. 46) 025-031 CU printing at top of sign "It's a She!". 47) 032-038 CU another sign, printing reading "At night, Keep your shirt on" & picture of mosquito. 48) 039-046 MS another sign saying "Fight Malaria" on side & "Never Quit" on another, showing jeeps comings down road toward camera. 49) 047-053 MCU another sign with picture of sprayer reading "Spray Tents". 50) 054- 059 MCU same sign FV, kanui in bg. 51) 060-068 looking down Ramu River. 52) 069-078 same river, mountains in bg. 53) 079-085 CU sign reading "Murderers" with picture of mosquito. 54)086-114MCU GIs digging drainage ditches, tents in bg. Pans muddy ditch R to L. 55) 39DG60318-319 CU footprints in muddy grass. 56) 320-341 MS Man walking toward camera, tents in bg. Pans to feet in boots wading thru muddy ground. 57) 342-356 MS GIs working on drainage ditch, pans to bottom of ditch where soldier is lifting out shovels full of mud. 38) 357-372 MCU View of natives legs, showing him working in muddy stream with shovel. Pans to another native, then others at same task. 59) 373-400 MS Several views of officer on bank directing work, two shake hands. 60) 401-407 LS Natives at work on ditch, jeep passes at far end of ditch; grassy terrain & trees at foot of mountains in bg. 6l) 32E- 10816-820 MS GI spraying pools with hand sprayer. 62) 32E-10820- 834 CU mud & water; pans to view of man using hand spray walking R to L, tents in bg. 63) 835-847 LS Natives spraying mud & pools, tents in bg. 64) 32E-10848-858 CU BV malaria control jeep with motor driven sprayer being used by colored GI. 65) 859-875 Same as sc. 64, driving toward tents in bg. 66) 876-902 MCU FV motor driven sprayer coming toward Cam. 67) about 3 feet CU sprayer equipment in trailer. 68) 11EG99885-901 MS Views thru jungle growth, showing drainage ditch. 69) 902-912 MCU showing junction of 2 drainage ditches in wooded area. 70) 9l3-920 MS across river of drainage ditch emptying into Ramu River, log & stumps in river in fg. 71) 921-929 MCU men's open shower equipment (oil cane placed on framework at edge of bank with sprays attached. 72) 930-942 CU sprays, pans to chest view of GI taking shower. 73) 30EG16426-433 CU lower part of sign reading "ATABRINE". 74) 434-441 CU upper part of sign, picture of girl on R reading, "Not Hard to Take". 75) 30EG16442-449 MS Sign "Not Hard to Take" "Atabrine" with picture of girl on right. 76) 30EG16450-463 A.LS strip 7 area. 77) 464-481 A.MS straight down on strip to LS of area. 78) 482-495 A.LS other strips. 79) 496- 504 A.LS metal & ground strip. 80) 505-520 A.LS different view of strips, flying away from area. Quality: Good. Reel 4 1) 28DG99450-479 A.LS strip showing planes parked in revetment area. Pans past control tower, LS transport taking off R to L past another flying low R to L. 2) 480-490 A. Different angle, LS of field. 3) 491-498 A.MS Pans 6 C-47s parked an runway & nearby (pretty shot). 4) 499-506 A.LS bldgs & barracks, showing river & foot hills in bg. (hospital area). 5) 507-526 A.LS area in curve of Ramu River, showing scattered bldgs, pans to group of tents. 6) 28DG99527-548 A.LS across desert to mts. showing tracks in sand, sunlight on clouds over mts, pans to extreme LS of camp area showing Ramu River winding thru clumps of trees. 7) S351803-813 MS Flag against sky with Red Cross Flag under it. 8) 814-846 MCU canvas covered bldg, pans past other bldgs in hospital area. 9) 836-846 INT. Line of empty cots with nets on racks above them 10) 847-855 MLS view of 3 bldgs one on R with flag pole at point of gable. 11) 3DG39309-389 A.MS & LS of strip & surrounding area, showing planes in revetment area.
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Sound Type: Silent
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Local Identifier: NWDNM(m)-18-CS-1036
NAIL Control Number: NWDNM(m)-18-CS-1036
    Copy 1
Copy Status: Preservation
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Film Reel
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: FGMS, 888 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: FGMS, 973 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 3
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: FGMS, 961 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 4
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: FGMS, 258 feet
    Copy 2
Copy Status: Reproduction
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Video Cassette
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 3
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 4
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
    Copy 3
Copy Status: Reference
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Film Reel
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPS, 888 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPS, 973 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 3
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPS, 961 feet
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 4
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPS, 258 feet
    Copy 4
Copy Status: Reference
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Video Cassette
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
1/2 inch, Video: VHS
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
1/2 inch, Video: VHS
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 3
1/2 inch, Video: VHS
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 4
1/2 inch, Video: VHS

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