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ARC Identifier: 65841
Creator: Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) (Most Recent)
Type of Archival  Materials:
Moving Images
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Item from Record Group 342: Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations, 1900 - 1991
Location: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Records LICON, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-M), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-837-3540, FAX: 301-837-3620, EMAIL: mopix@nara.gov
Part of: Series: Motion Picture Films and Video Recordings, 1946 - 1984
Shot List Summary: Navy film of the training and struggle to obtain beaches in Pacific and European Areas. Combat scenes of WWII. Reel 1: 1) Several LS taken off shore looking at White Cliffs of Dover. 2) Several quick flash shots showing England. Civil defense in operation, civilians loading sand bags and erecting sand bag parapets around buildings. 3) CS home guard troops marching up road carring rifles. 4) CS home guard troopers standing along coastline looking out at sea. 5) LS looking out across English village. 6) CS Guards walking up along barbed wire fence erected on outskirts of village. 8) CS surf breaking upon rocky coastline. 9) Several quick shots German coastal defense showing camouflaged gun position, observers, heavy concrete, coastal gun positions. 10) German officer talking to other officers.11) CS LS erection of base for the coastal defense guns. 12) CS place coastal defense gun in position. 13) CS German anti-aircraft gun positions along coastline. 14) LS along coastline showing waves breaking in upon shore. 15) CS Marines coming in for landing on one of the islands showing landing craft, men marching through water, shells bursting along coastline. 16) CS dead soldiers lying in ditch along road. 17) Gen Mark Clark conferring with other officers. 18) CS crew of B-25 (named Smiling Jack) being congratulated by Gen. MacArthur. 19) Several shots of landing craft going in toward shore. 20) CS men unloading landing craft along shoreline. 21) Good action shots, men coming in and establishing beachhead showing jeeps, field pieces, troops, field pieces, troops, general battle action. 22) CS sign: "Dunkirk." 23) CS anti-aircraft gun on English ship -- camera pans showing British troops on shore line waiting evacuation in bg. 24) LS across open terrain at several English tanks on cliff along coastline. 25) CS Hitler looking through binoculars across English coastline. 26) LS across water to the White Cliffs of Dover. 27) CS surf breaking upon rocky coastline. 28) CS Hitler and staff officers walking upon deck of ship. 29) LS through mast of sailing vessel at unidentified aircraft passing overhead. 30) CS large German coastal gun firing. 31) LS across water at White Cliffs of Dover. 32) CS English soldiers lining up in formation in open area -- barracks in bg. 33) CS English home guard doing manual of arms. 34) CS coastal defense observation post showing observers scanning horizon. 35) CS showing anti-aircraft gun positions along coastline. 36) LS back across ocean showing battle ship, in back of battleship can be seen large flat top English vessels. 37) CS English sailor standing in the observers position on ship scanning the sea with binoculars. 38) CSA Spitfire in flight. 39) LS Aerial, Spitfires diving diving down through the sky. Three aircraft in scene. 40) AS single Spitfire passing over cameraman's plane. 41) As formation of six B-26's passing directly over camera plane. 42) ADS B-26 in flight, low altitude, over water. 43) A single, SV B-26 in flight -- English insignia on side of aircraft. 44) ADS large harbor city. 45) LS across at large harbor city. 46) ACU camera in bomb bay showing bombs being released. 47) LS across water, showing bomb exploding near pier. 48) LS Same scene, bomb exploding directly on centor of pier. 49) GSAP ring sight, strafing vessel at sea. Destroyer escort vessel, identity unknown. 50) GSAP strafing low altitude, ring sight Camera, strafing end-anti-aircraft tower. 51) Is across flat open terrain showing shells bursting in distant bg. 52) CS entrance to German building showing two guards standing, at entrance. 53) INT building showing Hitler staff officers looking at large map. 54) CS tread of German tank going up road. 55) CS FV German tank coming toward camera showing crew members standing on tank. 56) CS German artillery outfit going up road on half track vehicle; half track towing heavy artillery piece. 57) High angle shot taken from bridge of vessel underway at sea out across bow of ship, other unidentifiable ships in distant bg. 58) CS Observer standing on deck of ship, scanning horizon with binoculars -- English soldier observing. 59) CS taken from aboard Higgins showing men crowded aboard ship as it moves in toward shore. 60) CS rocky coastline showing English commandos landing along shoreline and dashing up across rocky terrain. 61) LS across flat open terrain showing German Communication Tower and Building, explosion blowing installation apart. 62) LS across water at three huge gas holders erected on pier showing explosion and flame. 63) Cs construction of building showing framework being blownup -- flame and smoke rising from area. 64) CS English commandos aboard Higgins boat pulling away from shoreline showing smoke in far bg. 65) CS Several Japanese soldiers standing in gun turret of Japanese vessel underway at sea. Japanese flag flying from mast in bh. Other ships in distance bg. 66) CS showing troops standing on deck of ship as it pulls away from pier. 67) Quick shots Japanese invasion of one of the islands showing landing craft in by; soldiers running in toward camera, Japanese flag being carried by one of the men. 68) CS Japanese soldier advancing up over concrete parapet, heavy columns of black smoke rising in bg. 69) MLS Capitol building of the United States. 70) MS taken from across street showing Navy Department Building. 71) CS up angle, Navy department inscribed upon building. 72) INT building showing naval commanders holding a conference. 73) INT planning section, army officers planning invasion of island. 74) CS INT building showing army and navy officers conferring about invasion -- huge wall map mounted upon wall. Naval and army officers pointing out target area. 75) CS sign: "Naval Research Laboratory" 76) INT Naval Research Laboratory showing naval officers conferring with civilians technicians discussing invasion, showing blueprints upon table. 77) INT Naval Research Laboratory showing personnel at desk drawing up plans on the invasion. 78) CS Naval technicians operating instrument used for testing of ships structure. Hydrodynamic study of ship structure. 79) INT conference room showing army and navy and air force personnel conferring about invasion. 80) INT building showing civilians and technicians checking over blue prints of the invasion. 81) PS taken aboard ship looking down at huge crowd of ship builders standing on pier. 82) CS INT steel will showing workers pouring ladies of molten metal into mold. 83) CS INT planing mill showing large milling machine and cutter blade, putting edge upon huge steel plate. 84) INT huge Higgins boat assembly factory showing keels being laid for Higgins boat. Several shots assembly line production of a Higgins boat. 85) INT factory showing workers at various tasks working to complete the assembly of the Higgins boat. 86) MS launching of LST from dry dock. 87) LS Showing several LST's at anchor near pier, tug in immediate fg. workers crowding rail of LST's. 88) MS tug near bow of LST showing christening ceremony. 89) MS LST underway from harbor. 90) CS combat soldiers sitting on sandy soil. 91) MS combat infantry soldiers undergoing obstacle course. 92) MS infantry men taking training -- coming down side of imitation ship by means of rope ladders. 93) CS training scene, wooden frame structure resembling LST showing sergeant giving signal for men to disembark from LST, training for invasion. 94) Good coverage of the men training for invasion, crawling across muddy ditches, machine gun fire overhead, shells bursting in the area. 95) CS man stretching self in prone position across barbed wire fence, other soldiers using G.I. as a stepping stone to cross the barbed wire fence. 96) CS several combat soldiers holding rifles which are used as a ladder for climbing a barbed entanglement. 97) MS from deck of camera ship back across water at two large vessels in far bg. showing sailors lounging about on deck of flat top. Scene includes gun turrets and catapult used for launching of aircraft from carrier. 98) CS United States flag on mast of ship underway at sea. 99) U.S. destroyer. 100) LS across water at four vessels underway at sea. 101) Several quick shots, night scenes, showing guns of ships laying down a barrage. 102) MS Liberty boat at anchor near dock showing tanks being loaded onto same. 103) MS dock scenes, field artillery pieces on dock -- Liberty boat in bg. camera pans across large number of trucks and half tracks awaiting to be loaded onto the freighter. 104) CS troops walking up gang plank onto troop ship. 105) CS equipment being loaded onto freighter. 106) ECU US Army Transport Service Cargo Listing showing information: sailed from Brooklyn N.Y. Sept. 12, containing lumber, nails pipe, paper and airplane parts. 107) PS large convoy underway at sea. 108) LS destroyer escort going through convoy. 109) LS flat top underway at sea in distant bg. 110) Several quick shots taken aboard ship showing sailor performing duties, gun operators sitting in turrets, men on deck of ship lounging around. 111) Several CU combat soldiers sitting around on deck of ship at sea. 112) Several shots of the officers standing on bridge of ship. 113) CU gun turrets. 114) CU sailors scanning sea. 115) CU aircraft spotters scanning sky with binoculars. 116) Several shots navy fighters taking off from dock of flat top. 117) CS anti-aircraft guns being fired. 118) LS taken from deck of ship showing anti-aircraft bursts in sky. 119) PS Japanese fighters diving through anti-aircraft fire toward deck of flat top. 120) CU Bofors type guns in operation. 121) LS across deck of flat tops showing trace of fire hitting into Japanese fighter. Plane, Zero type, explodes and crashes into water. 122) MS taken aboard deck of ship underway at sea showing men lounging around rail. Shows lines of freighters in bh. 123) CS Naval and army officers sitting at desk discussing invasion maneuvers. 124) CS taken aboard ship showing model of island laid out upon table, officer pointing out sectors of the island. 125) CS several of the officers discussing the invasion maneuvers. 126) Cs sailor operating blinker system of communication aboard ship. 127) CS deck of flat top showing elevator bringing up fighter aircraft from below deck -- F-6F. 128) PS scenes taken at dusk showing F-6F taking off from flat top. 129) CS men preparing for invasion aboard ship showin Higgins boat being lowered from side of freighter. Men going down rope ladders into Higgins boat. 130) LS freighter anchored at sea, Higgins boat alongside. 131) Marines in camouflage uniforms going down rope ladders into the Higgins boat. 132) CS Army officer, General, scanning horizon with binoculars. 133) LS destroyer laying down a barrage. 134) Several shots destroyers and battle ships laying down a barrage. 135) CS guns of battleships firing. 136) CS firing turret gun on battleship. 137) LS freighters at anchor near coastline. 138) LS coastline showing heavy comumns of black smoke rising in area. 139) GSAP strafing Japanese Navy seaplanes, base hangar buildings and aircraft stationary in front of hangars near the water. 140) Good hits scored upon the seaplane near the hand. 141) GSAP strafing Japanese aircraft on ground of airfield. 142) GSAP fighter attack upon two engine Japanese aircraft, explosion of same. 143) LS taken from water, showing unidentified aircraft falling in flames in back of Higgins boat, pulling in toward coastline. Reel 2: 1) LS & MS invasion barges pulling in toward shoreline. 2) CS men jumping out of Higgins boat and running up along shoreline. 3) CU men setting up machine guns, firing same into jungles. 4) CS riflemen firing wepons. 5) CS marines advancing through jungle. 6) CS marine firing automatic rifle into jungle area. 7) MS men climbing rope ladders into higgins boat. 8) CS unloading weapons and equipment from freighter into Higgins boat. 9) MS Higgins boat pulling away from ship loaded with shells for artillery. 10) PS invasion boats moving in toward shoreline. 11) CS Higgins boat driving up onto shore and into wooded section. 12) CS marines taking shelter behind sandbag parapet and behind walls, firing weapons at Japanese troop positions. 13) CS man firing flame thrower at entrenched Japanese position. 14) PS shoreline showing men and equipment upon beaches. 15) CS tractor pulling equipment up away from waters edge. 16) CS men laying wire matting upon the sand. 17) CS weapons carrier pulling up along shoreline, 50 Cal. gun mounted upon bed of weapon carrier. 18) MS men using flame thrower. 19) MS firing rifles into demolished wooden building. 20) CS two marines bringing a Japanese prisoner in. 21) MS several Japanese prisoners taken by the marines during the invasion. 22) CS command post showing man cranking hand cenerator, others using phones. 23) CS tank being unloaded from landing craft along shoreline. 24) CS heavy piece of artillery being pulled into the jungle. 25) LS LST anchored off shore with trucks driving down ramp toward shore. 26) LS men walking out of LST toward shore. 27) Camera pans quickly toward shore showing equipment and men unloaded from LST. 28) Several shots along shoreline showing tanks, trucks, jeeps, weapon carriers, artillery, men and equipment upon shore. 29) LS demolished four engine Japanese flying boat in water off shore. 30) Several shots airfield construction showing graders and bulldpzers going up strip. 31) CS Navy pilot jumping down off wing of aircraft. Name of pilot on Mae West jacket "Owens". 32) CS men standing at attention, parade formation, fatigue clothes, saluting as flag is raised on mast. 33) MS remains of Japanese shrine on island. 34) CU dead Japanese lying in jungle area. 35) PS small ravine showing many dead Japanese lying in open area. 36) MS surf breakers coming in toward shore. 37) LS back at conboy of freighters underway at sea. 38) MS pier scene showing English troops lined up, rows of men walking into building prior to getting onto boat. 39) LS down street in dark are, showing warehous buildings, truckc equipment, Long formation of troops standing in area. 40) Aerial shot formation B-24's in flight. 41) ADS bombs falling. 42) ADS harbor city showing bombs exploding. 43) AS paratroopers bailing out of aircraft. 44) AS landing craft approaching in toward shore. 45) ADS convoy underway at sea. 46) MLS troops disembarking from landing craft -- LST-type vessel. 47) CS Italian infantry, men walking up small hill holding white flag on pole. 48) MS surrendered German troops standing near building, one wearing arm band, Herman Goering upon same. Soldier also wearing iron cross decoration. 49) Animation showing invasion route from Sicily to Italy. 50) MS beachhead in Italy, troops coming up onto shore. Jeeps, men and various other equipment upon beach, landing craft pullin up to shore, landing troops and supplies, tanks, trucks, men and equipment all being unloaded from the vessels along the shoreline. 51) Temporary bridges erected out to the landing craft showing tanks driving across same. 52) MS landing craft at anchor off shore. 53) LS taken from hill position, down upon Salerno beach and Salerno town in Italy, showing boms expoding bombs exploding near American landing craft out in water. 54) Direct hit upon landing craft, landing craft sinking. 54) Several quick shots taken from shore out at sea showing American freighters and landing craft inwater, bombs exploding in water all about the ships. 56) LS American ships burning off shore. 57) MS tanks coming up from shore. 58) MS tank driving through Salerno. 59) CS Italian civilian and soldiers cheering the entry of the American troops. 60) MS deck of LST showing equipment upon same as LST approaches shore. 61) CS President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Generalissimo Chang Kai-shek and his wife sitting in front of bunch of various VIPs from their countries. 62) CS President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Premier Stalin sitting on porch of large building. 63) CS trucks and tanks driving up road mostly obscured in dust being raised by vehicle. 64) CS Russian infantry advancing across snow covered fields and through snow covered village, blizzard blowing, using horses to draw sleds of supplies across the terrain. 65) LS down long row of B-17's parked nose to tail. 66) AS formation of B-17's in flight. 67)ADS bombs falling. 68) ADS bombs exploding in target area -- large airfield. 69) PS taken from moving boat showing landing craft going through water for the invasion of France. 70) LS taken from shoreline showing huge explosion along shore, ammunition exploding. 71) LS taken in jungle showing tanks in fg, flame and smoke rising from gasoline fire in bg. 72) LS across water showing landing craft underway, heavy column of black smoke rising into the air. 73) CS medics administering forst aid to wounded soldier lying on ground. 74) CS digging out wounded or dead person from mud. 75) Cs medics using rubber raft to evacuate wounded soldiers from jungle area. 76) CS Australian medics leading blinded soldiers from jungle area. 77) CS Australian troops holding funeral service in jungle area, showing grave markers. 78) CS sign: DIEPPE. 79) LS fighter aircraft buzzing and diving down across harbor area. 80) CS German anti-aircraft guns firing. 81) LS explosion of gas holder in dock area. 82) CS German infantrymen lying in grassy field firing rifles and artillery pieces. 83) LS demolished US tanks upon beach. 84) Several quick shots demolished tanks and landing craft along shore. 85) Dead bodies (American and British) upon beach. 86) CS two German soldiers searching vellels, one drinking can of ber found in one of the Higgins boats. 87) MS streeet of Dieppe shoing captured British soldiers being marched down street escorted by German soldiers. 88) CS Wounded English soldier being carried down street by four other English soldiers. 89) CS face of wounded soldier, left eye covered with blood. 90) MS four British soldiers walking down street. 91) MS street scene showing surrendering English soldiers. 92) CS surrendering British soldiers being escorted up country road. 93) LS city of Dieppe coastline. 94) INT city population going about their business -- men, woment and children walking in street. 95) PS harbor area. 96) PS German coastal guns being erected showing framework for the concrete gun positions. 97) PS several quick shots, various types of guns and their mountings, camouflaged gun positions, guns being raised into firing position. 98) CS end of one of the coastal gun barrels. 99) PS German motor train moving through street of Germany, large half-track vehicle towing a string of trucks through street. 100) High angle shot down upon bow of unidentified ship plowing through heavy sea. 101) PS large submarine fleet underway at sea. 102) CS guns of battleship firing. 103) PS Higgins boat going through water. 104) Several shots Higgins boat going through water toward coastline. 105) CS Marines on board Higgins boat approaching in toward shore. 106) Several quick shots coastline showing invasion troops hitting the shore. good (Basic: 2 reels, 35mm, b&w, Dupe neg)
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Use Restrictions: Unrestricted
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motion pictures (visual works)
General Note: Contributor: Producer, INDUSTRIAL INCENTIVE DIVISION, USN
Sound Type: Silent
Edit Status: Edited
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Local Identifier: NWDNM(m)-342-USAF-19152
NAIL Control Number: NWDNM(m)-342-USAF-19152
    Copy 1
Copy Status: Preservation
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Film Reel
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: DNC
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: DNC
    Copy 2
Copy Status: Reproduction
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Video Cassette
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
    Copy 3
Copy Status: Reproduction
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Video Cassette
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
    Copy 4
Copy Status: Reproduction
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Video Cassette
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
1/2 inch, Video: Digital Betacam
    Copy 5
Copy Status: Reference
Storage Facility: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)
Media Type: Film Reel
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 1
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPC
Reel/Tape/Disc #: 2
Black-and-White, Film: 35 mm, Film: PPC

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British Isles -- England -- Landmarks -- White Cliffs of Dover
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Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965
Clark, Gen. Mark
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945
Kai-Shek, Generalissimo Chiang
Kai-Shek, Madame Chiang
MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953

Whites Cliffs of Dover, England, Salerno, Italy, Dieppe Germany, France

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