Nathan Norkin

Nate Norkin commanded one of the reconnaissance units of the 922nd EAR. In this role, he and his men worked ahead of the regiment scouting locations for new airfields. In 2009, Nate’s local historical society, The Stamford Historical Society, worked to document the accomplishments of local residents during World War II. The exhibit is on […]

July 2 Status Update

I decided that waiting to try and decide on a layout and design before getting info back out on the web was not going to get this site back up and running soon enough so I decided to just move forward and worry about the look later. I’m about a 1/3 of the way through […]

Moving the site and updating

We had a major issue with our old hosting provider so decided to move the site and update the system for building the content. Unfortunately, this means a large learning curve and rebuilding the site from scratch. I’m trying to do this a quickly as possible but work has been keeping me pretty busy. I […]