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1 Members of Co C, 834th EAB  Standing, l to r: Bob Cribbens, Bob Schaible, Sandy Conti, Anthony D'Ambrosio front, l to r: George Kurash and name unknown 834th EAB
Sandy Conti
Bob Cribbens
Robert F. Schaible
Anthony D'Ambrosio
George Kurash
2 Sandy Conti, C Co., 834th EAB   834th EAB
Sandy Conti
3 Sandy Conti, C Co., 834th EAB   834th EAB
Sandy Conti
4 Andy Hertz, England, 1943   834th EAB
Andrew Hertz
5 Andy Hertz's press pass   834th EAB
Andrew Hertz
6 Andy Hertz pass to visit relatives in London   834th EAB
Andrew Hertz
7 Men of the 834th EAB. Mario Lebano and Sandy Conti.  England, February 1943 834th EAB
Mario Lebano
Sandy Conti
8 Mario Lebano. 834th EAB.   834th EAB
Mario Lebano
9 Mario Lebano, 834th EAB. Back Home.   834th EAB
Mario Lebano
10 Mario Lebano. 834th EAB   834th EAB
Mario Lebano
11 Bob Rice, 834th EAB   834th EAB
Bob Rice
12 A-1, St. Pierre Du Mont. Watercolor by Sgt Lettick  Sgt Lettick flew over A-1 in a Piper Cub observation plane to take a photo. This watercolor was later done from the photo. Note the landing craft at Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc at the upper left. 834th EAB
13 Aerial photo of A-1 airfield.  Courtesy of 386th Bomb Group Assn and http://www.web-birds.com  834th EAB
14 834th EAB group shot at St Trond  Front, left to right: Donald Myers, William Basta, Anthony De George, Frederick Kurtz. Standing, left to right: Jack McClung, Nathan Horowitz, Laurence Boyle, Anthony Giocento, Burtelle, Antonio Esposito, Ernest Solivon, Denzel Haynes, Price, Arthur Holly, Gobin, Bruno Ponchione  834th EAB
Donald Myers
William Basta
Anthony De George
Frederick Kurtz
Nathan Horowitz
Anthony Giocento
Antonio Esposito
Ernest Solivon
Arthur Holly
Bruno Ponchione
Jack McClung
Laurence Boyle
Denzel Haynes
15 Group from the 834th EAB  Kneeling, left to right: unidentified, Fred Kurtz, Tovio Johnson, Chester Konko, Anthony Pompa. Standing, left to right: Mario Lebano, Clifford Smith, Orville Wyatt, unidentified, Carl Blankenmeier, Donald Myers, Herman Morales. Back, left to right: unidentified, Ernest Solivon, Antonio Esposito, Alexander Waslevich 834th EAB
Donald Myers
Frederick Kurtz
Antonio Esposito
Ernest Solivon
Mario Lebano
Tovio Johnson
Chester Konko
Anthony Pompa
Orville Wyatt
Carl Blankenmeier
Herman Morales
Alexander Waslevich
16 Men of the 834th EAB with locals and child  The two men visible in the truck are believed to be Anthony DeGeorge and Donald Myers. Alexander Waslevich is holding the child. 834th EAB
Donald Myers
Anthony De George
Alexander Waslevich
17 834th EAB clearing damaged building  The man on the Caterpillar is Thomas Mangione and the man on the far right with the cigarette is Mario Lebano. 834th EAB
Thomas Mangione
Mario Lebano
18 German hanger made to look like an apartment house    834th EAB
19 Lt Paul Gartmen, platoon officer. Jeep was named "Rambling Wreck." Alma mater was GA Tech. Officer in the 834th EAB.   834th EAB
Paul Gartmen
20 German wreckage at A-92 (St Trond).   834th EAB

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