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1 Captain (later Lt Col) Gilbert B Hall, 922nd EAR XO   922nd EAR
Gilbert B. Hall
2 922nd EAR Radio Section  1.Richard Huxton, 2. Lucian Walkup, 3. Francis Lambert, 4. Charles Quinlan, 5. William Pckering, 6. George Sharley, 7. Wayne Romine, 8. Rexall Meier, 9. Andrew Burick, 10. Robert Smith, 11. Howard Dunn 922nd EAR
Howard Dunn
Rex Meier
George Sharley
Richard Huxton
Lucian L. Walkup
Francis Lambert
Charles Quinlan
William Pickering
Wayne Romine
Andrew Burick
Robert Smith
3 Lt Nathan Norkin, center, 922nd EAR  Recon team 922nd EAR
Nathan Norkin
4 Lt Nathan Norkin, 922nd EAR   922nd EAR
Nathan Norkin
5 John Maruschak, 922nd EAR. Outside Le Bourget Airfield.  This photo was taken minutes before the action that killed Lt Col Gil Hall and Col AP Little. 922nd EAR
John Maruschak
6 Rex Meier at Radio School   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
7 Rex Meier on leave in Paris   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
8 Rex Meier at the “Last Mission Beer Bar”   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
9 Murray Janoff, 922nd EAB. OCS Engineer School at Fort Belvoir, VA.  Front row, fifth from left. 922nd EAR
Murray Janoff
10 Murray Janoff, 922nd EAR at boot camp   922nd EAR
Murray Janoff
11 Murray Janoff, 922nd EAR and family at boot camp graduation   922nd EAR
Murray Janoff
12 Murray Janoff, 922nd EAR at OCS graduation   922nd EAR
Murray Janoff
13 Capt Murray Janoff, 922nd EAR   922nd EAR
Murray Janoff
14 Postcard showing pre-war Le Bourget Airfield outside Paris.  Col AP Little and Lt Col Gil Hall were killed here during enemy action in late August 1944. 922nd EAR
Augustine Patterson Little
15 Queen Elizabeth Troop Transport  The 922nd EAR shipped from New York to Gourock, Scotland on the QE 922nd EAR
16 KP duty on LST enroute to France, 922nd EAR  Clockwise from center front: John Olkewisz, Rex Meier, George Sharley, unknown sailor, Paul Nune, Tony Duran, Alfred Gore 922nd EAR
Rex Meier
John Olkewisz
George Sharley
Paul Nune
Tony Duran
Alfred Gore
17 Capt Jack Reavley, 922nd EAR dental surgeon.   922nd EAR
Jack Reavley
18 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, with radio transmitter unit and truck   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
19 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, relaxing in radio room at Ehein, Belgium   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
20 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, on sentry duty in Zepperin, Belgium   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
21 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, at Paris IX Engineer Command Exhibit   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
22 Maj William C. Wheeler, 922nd EAR   922nd EAR
William C Wheeler
23 Logo of the 922nd EAR ... "Tackle Anything"   922nd EAR

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