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201 Aerial photo of A-1 airfield.  Courtesy of 386th Bomb Group Assn and http://www.web-birds.com  834th EAB
202 Nancy/Essey.  From 850th Unit History 818th EAB
850th EAB
203 Engineer Aviation Battalion logo  The Flying Dozer IX Engineer Cmd
204 Capt Morris Foulk, MD   IX Engineer Cmd
Morris Foulk
205 Laying square mesh tracks (SMT)   IX Engineer Cmd
206 American Red Cross club in Nice, France  Many men of the IX Engineer Command took R&R at places like this after the war and before being released to return home. IX Engineer Cmd
207 IX Engineer Command insignia   IX Engineer Cmd
208 Postcard showing pre-war Le Bourget Airfield outside Paris.  Col AP Little and Lt Col Gil Hall were killed here during enemy action in late August 1944. 922nd EAR
Augustine Patterson Little
209 1st Sgt Ernest B Norris, 819th EAB   819th EAB
Ernest Norris
210 1st Sgt Ernest Buel Norris, 819th EAB   819th EAB
Ernest Norris
211 834th EAB group shot at St Trond  Front, left to right: Donald Myers, William Basta, Anthony De George, Frederick Kurtz. Standing, left to right: Jack McClung, Nathan Horowitz, Laurence Boyle, Anthony Giocento, Burtelle, Antonio Esposito, Ernest Solivon, Denzel Haynes, Price, Arthur Holly, Gobin, Bruno Ponchione  834th EAB
Donald Myers
William Basta
Anthony De George
Frederick Kurtz
Nathan Horowitz
Anthony Giocento
Antonio Esposito
Ernest Solivon
Arthur Holly
Bruno Ponchione
Jack McClung
Laurence Boyle
Denzel Haynes
212 Group from the 834th EAB  Kneeling, left to right: unidentified, Fred Kurtz, Tovio Johnson, Chester Konko, Anthony Pompa. Standing, left to right: Mario Lebano, Clifford Smith, Orville Wyatt, unidentified, Carl Blankenmeier, Donald Myers, Herman Morales. Back, left to right: unidentified, Ernest Solivon, Antonio Esposito, Alexander Waslevich 834th EAB
Donald Myers
Frederick Kurtz
Antonio Esposito
Ernest Solivon
Mario Lebano
Tovio Johnson
Chester Konko
Anthony Pompa
Orville Wyatt
Carl Blankenmeier
Herman Morales
Alexander Waslevich
213 Men of the 834th EAB with locals and child  The two men visible in the truck are believed to be Anthony DeGeorge and Donald Myers. Alexander Waslevich is holding the child. 834th EAB
Donald Myers
Anthony De George
Alexander Waslevich
214 834th EAB clearing damaged building  The man on the Caterpillar is Thomas Mangione and the man on the far right with the cigarette is Mario Lebano. 834th EAB
Thomas Mangione
Mario Lebano
215 German hanger made to look like an apartment house    834th EAB
216 Lt Paul Gartmen, platoon officer. Jeep was named "Rambling Wreck." Alma mater was GA Tech. Officer in the 834th EAB.   834th EAB
Paul Gartmen
217 German wreckage at A-92 (St Trond).   834th EAB
218 Letter announcing publication of the 843rd EAB unit history.   843rd EAB
219 Gliders on airfield built by 851st EAB   851st EAB
220 Queen Elizabeth Troop Transport  The 922nd EAR shipped from New York to Gourock, Scotland on the QE 922nd EAR
221 KP duty on LST enroute to France, 922nd EAR  Clockwise from center front: John Olkewisz, Rex Meier, George Sharley, unknown sailor, Paul Nune, Tony Duran, Alfred Gore 922nd EAR
Rex Meier
John Olkewisz
George Sharley
Paul Nune
Tony Duran
Alfred Gore
222 Capt Jack Reavley, 922nd EAR dental surgeon.   922nd EAR
Jack Reavley
223 Members of the 924th EAR at the 1990 Reunion  Front Row Left to Right: Willie Wolter, Eddie Knight, Mario Liberatore, Tom Brady, Ray Brooks, Paul Fospero, Bob Brady, Orland Turner, Don Kramer Middle Row Left to Right: Erland Tieberg, Bill Toner, Bill Goodman, Jack Buchwald, Gordy Lowery, Joe Brigandi, Bob Gorski, Ed Piesko, Joe Cross, Joe Friedrich, Sam Ferrara, Howard Hershey, Dominick Lapresi, John White, Harvey Williams, Armand Yennock, Paul Freeman, George Trakas, Carl Turlington, Ford Walter, Jesse Dean, Mitch Halle Back Row Left to Right: Ken Bauer, "Pappy" Voss, Cornelius "Corny" Hudak, Willie Harper, Tom Simes, Wayne Schecter, Bob Meckes, George Layne, Dave Mapes, Joe Antonelli, Ray Klaske, Warner Hoevenaar, Stan Kubiak, Bob Hartman, Dick Kelly, Cliff Willis, Warren Newman, John Gordon, Fred Amorose 924th EAR
224 Tec5 Stanley J. Dec, Signal Section, 925th EAR    925th EAR
Stanley J. Dec
225 Tec4 Mike Demenchuck, Signal Section, 925th EAR    925th EAR
Mike Demenchuck
226 Roger Emmert, Signal Section, 925th EAR    925th EAR
Roger Emmert
227 Tec4 Ray Horst, Signal Section, 925th EAR    925th EAR
Raymond A. Horst
228 Tec5 John Massey, Signal Section, 925th EAR   925th EAR
John Massey
229 Signal Section of the 925th EAR in Allach, Germany  Front, left to right: Roger Emmert, Mike Demenchuck, Eadie, Wooten, Stanley J. Dec, Figueira Rear, left to right: Tyrone, Arthur D. Swick, Harden, Raymond A. Horst, John Massey, Clark 925th EAR
John Massey
Stanley J. Dec
Arthur D. Swick
Roger Emmert
Mike Demenchuck
Raymond A. Horst
230 Tec5 Arthur D. Swick, Signal Section, 925th EAR   925th EAR
Arthur D. Swick
231 Sgt Jack K. Buchwald, 924th EAR   924th EAR
Jack K. Buchwald
232 Tec4 Howard Hersey, 924th EAR   924th EAR
Howard E. Hershey
233 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
234 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod on left. Unknown man on right.   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
235 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
236 James Barnett (left) and S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod (right).   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
James D. Barnett
237 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod, 851st EAB front right. Others unknown.   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
238 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod, 851st EAB, on left. Unknown man on right.   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
239 Enlisted man's ID card for S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod, 851st EAB   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
240 S/Sgt Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod, 851st EAB   851st EAB
Jack H. Jacot-Guillarmod
241 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, with radio transmitter unit and truck   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
242 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, relaxing in radio room at Ehein, Belgium   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
243 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, on sentry duty in Zepperin, Belgium   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
244 Rex Meier, 922nd EAR, at Paris IX Engineer Command Exhibit   922nd EAR
Rex Meier
245 Maj William C. Wheeler, 922nd EAR   922nd EAR
William C Wheeler
246 Men of the 819th EAB with scraper and local on unidentified airfield.   819th EAB
Ernest Norris
247 Logo of the 922nd EAR ... "Tackle Anything"   922nd EAR
248 Tec5 Orland Turner, 924th EAR   924th EAR
Orland G. Turner
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