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Author:  dplittle [ Fri Feb 18, 2005 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Airfield Plans

We recently acquired a collection of airfield plans that had belonged to a member of the 832nd EAB. Here is a list of the drawings ...

A-11 St Lambert detail locations of mine fields, etc
A-11 St Lambert Project plan
A-27 Rennes Final layout
A-31 Gael Rough sketch
A-31 Gael Working drawing
A-33N Vannes Working drawing
A-39 Chateaudun Preliminary layout
A-39 Chateaudun Completion plan
A-40 Chartres Preliminary layout
A-40 Chartres Traced From German Map shows demolished buildings and proposed road system
A-40 Chartres Completion plan
A-82 Verdun Final layout
A-82 Verdun Final layout
A-94 Conflans-Doncourt Final layout
A-97 Sandweiler
Y-3 Avril Preliminary layout
Y-33C Thionville Final layout
Y-33C Thionville Final layout locations of demolition charges
Y-33C Thionville Final layout
Y-34 Metz Final layout
Y-34 Metz Drainage Plan
Y-34 Metz Drainage Plan
Y-34 Metz Rough sketch
Y-41 Latour Final layout
Y-41 Latour Proposed Liaison Strip
Y-41 Latour Rough sketch
Y-64 Ober-Olm Final layout
Y-66 Gollheim Final layout
Y-74 Frankfurt-Eschborn
Y-76 Darmstadt Final layout
Y-77 Babenhausen
Y-90 Giebelstadt Proposed heavy bomber layout
Y-91 Hanau Preliminary layout
Y-91 Hanau Completion plan
R-1 Wenigenlupnitz Final layout
R-5 Crailsheim Completion plan
R-7 Weimar Final layout
R-22 Plauen Final layout
R-23 Rodigen Completion plan
R-42 Buchschwabach Completion plan
R-44 Goppingen Completion plan

Alconbury Emergency Take Off Strip
Ashford Rough sketch
Ashford Rough sketch
Glatton Rough sketch
High Halden Rough sketch
Kingsnorth Rough sketch
Lashenden Rough sketch
Staplehurst Rough sketch
Thurleigh Rough sketch
Woodchurch Rough sketch

Bad Hamburg USTAAF HQ

Verneville Chateau 1st Floor Plan
Verneville Chateau 2nd Floor Plan
Verneville Chateau 3rd Floor/Attic/Basement Plan
Verneville Chateau 832nd Bn HQ, Co A Area

There is a substantial cost and effort in having these scanned so I may use low-resolution versions on the site and make higher-resolution copies available for purchase.


Author:  dplittle [ Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  A-39 and A-89 Plans Posted

I've just added pages for A-39 (Chateaudun) and A-82 (Verdun) with runway layouts.



Author:  eagle0025 [ Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  A-11 Airfield Plans

Hi David,

As historian of the 474th FG Association, I would be extremely interested to obtain a copy of the A-11 St. Lambert plans that you list in your post. Information on this field has been very hard to come by. I do have some information on A-11 from a French source, including aerial views of the area today and a Luftwaffe aerial photo taken 12 Aug 44. My father flew his 34th and last combat mission out of A-11 on 25 Aug 44. He was one of eleven 474th FG pilots shot down that day. He was captured and taken POW for the next nine months. Anyway, I would be very interested in these plans. Please let me know how I can get a copy. I also know that the 832nd AEB were the folks that built A-11. Perhaps they may have some data as well. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Gary Koch

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