Units of the IX Engineer Command

Engineer Aviation Brigades

Provisional Regiment

2nd Airfield Maintenance Regiment (Prov)

Engineer Aviation Regiments

Engineer Aviation Battalions

71st Engineer Aviation Battalion (French)

Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalions

876th AbnEAB
877th AbnEAB

878th AbnEAB

Engineer Aviation Camouflage Battalion

937th EA Camouflage Bn

Engineer Aviation Maintenance Companies

471st Engineer Maintenance Co
475th Engineer Maintenance Co

973rd Engineer Maintenance Co

Engineer Base Depot

1193rd Engineer Base Depot

Engineer Parts Supply Company

752nd Engineer Parts Supply Company, Detachment A

Medical Dispensaries (Aviation)

208th Medical Dispensary (Avn)
209th Medical Dispensary (Avn)
215th Medical Dispensary (Avn)

218th Medical Dispensary (Avn)
220th Medical Dispensary (Avn)

Engineer Aviation Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squads

8th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
43rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
68th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad

82nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
86th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad


902nd Engineer AF Hq Co
319th Station Complement Squadron
HQ & HQ Squadron
1294th Military Police Company
395th Signal Company

1052nd Quartermaster Company, Detachment A
126th Army Postal Unit
160th Army Postal Unit
1st Historical Unit
32nd Special Service Company