926th Engineer Aviation Regiment (EAR)

BORN AND WEANED: Richmond Airbase, Richmond, VA, June 1943. CHILDHOOD: Honington, Suffold, England with seven battalions and thirty-three jobs. ADOLESCENCE: Great Barrington with practice moves; Wethersfield, Cokethorpe; and Boomerang. ADULTHOOD: Cherbourg to Pilsen; D + 5 in Normandy dust; distance in Brittany; anniversary in Alençon; past Paris behind Patton; sod fields, mesh, hessian; winter home in St. Nicolas, winter work in mud with plank; Spring push over Rhine; tenting in Lorsch; furor in Furth; equipment always working with battalions; paper work never ceasing; spreading supervision over 76 airfields.

Aviation Engineers in Mobile Warfare

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